Welcome to National NHS Public Voice

We are a group of patients and members of the public and we aim to:

  • Raise awareness among the wider public – that any voice or influence they had in NHS decisions has been taken away
  • Use this site as a space for public discussion and to share views and information – PLEASE – share your thoughts 
  • Build a national campaign to bring back a Public Voice in Our NHS
  • Explore where legal challenges to the lack of public involvement may apply

NHS services across the UK are not all provided in the same way.  In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland their devolved governments run their NHS very differently to how it is run in England – by NHS England.

Nearly three years ago NHS England started developing a complete reorganisation of how our NHS is planned and how our health and care services are delivered. Their changes are now happening and will mean many of our local services will no longer exist and we will have to travel to larger towns and cities to be treated.

NHS England has not involved the public or patients in the discussions and decisions about this reorganisation, which they are legally bound to do.  It has been done in secret. They select and pay a few patient representatives to speak on our behalf.  They are not accountable to us and haven’t told us what was going on.

We need a democratic, collective public voice to influence NHS decisions.

Look at our earlier blog post – Why do we need a National NHS Public Voice?

And have a look at this post to see how we challenged NHS England with some success – 2016 – A Summer of Secrets successfully challenged by the voice of the public.


Some other earlier Blog Posts show the best – and the worst – of public involvement.

a)  To see how NHS England has excluded the public voice – have a look at:

b)  To see how Public Involvement is supposed to work – see:  Why not look at a Ladder of Participation – to see what level of influence you’re being allowed?

Please tell us what you think – add your comments –  tell your friends

If you agree with us please Join the campaign – via our Contact Us page

WE MUST APOLOGISE – as some of the links to NHS England’s we’ve used may not work.  This is because NHS England has moved, and removed, many of their documents and webpages. We are working through our pages to add new links – and to tell you if we can’t –  if the document or page has been deleted.


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